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Lessons To Share With Your Advertisers

Nov 11, 2003

Over and over, Kmart made decisions that flew in the face of common retailing sense. In most cases, the company made the same mistake more than once [some mistakes are discussed in Part I in the 10/13/03 issue]. Instead of learning from its mistakes ...

Learning From Kmart's Mistakes

Oct 3, 2003

Eighteen months ago, I wrote an article about the demise of Kmart due to its failure to effectively advertise its brand in the mind of the consumer (Radio Ink, 4/1/02). Much of this downturn was due to the use of weekly advertising circulars and the ...

Attend Training Seminars With Your Sales Reps!

Jun 16, 2003

   Attendees at my seminars have heard me say more than once that,on average,only 13 percent of people who ever attend a seminar take the information or techniques and execute them in the field. A day after I gave a presentation to the ...

Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants

Sep 9, 2002

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to observe a number of startup companies. Some make it, but unfortunately, most don't. The aircraft industry has been of particular interest to me as I spend so many hours in the air. I think a Denver-based ...

Lessons From the Rise and Fall of WorldCom

Aug 5, 2002

After the fall of Enron, the 7th largest corporation in the country last December, the auditors were hot on the trail of such Fortune 100 companies as Tyco, Dynergy and, yes, even WorldCom. In February, I learned that the SEC had just notified WorldCom ...

Learn A Lesson From Kmart

Apr 1, 2002

February 2002 brought the collapse of Kmart, one of America's largest retailers. Long known for its "blue light specials," this retailing institution woke up the business world and, more important, the  advertising world by filing for bankruptcy ...

You, Too, Can Win A Radio Wayne Award

Jan 20, 2002

One of the most important days of my life occurred on February 7, 1998, when I stood up in front of 2,200 of my peers and accepted the Radio Wayne 'Sales Manager of the Year" award. Since that day I have been honored with several awards, but the one ...

How To Sell A 30-Share

Mar 6, 2000

You might not think that, in the age of Radio station fragmentation,there could exist a behemoth with market shares so high. Think again! They are out there, and they have the same challenges as any station at the bottom of the ratings. There are ...

To The RAB or Not to the RAB: When Should you send them?

Jan 24, 2000

How do you measure desire in salespeople? Before you make the investment in them, what characteristics do you look for? I have tossed and turned about this question many times, and the following letter broaches the subject once again. What would you ...
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