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The following Articles were either written by LPG staff, or reposted by LPG staff with credit given to the original author.  Some are Editorials in which we share our opinions on the industry. Others were written from our knowledge of working in the field for years.  Finally we have research from LPG and or third parties. 

Jan 15, 2021

Is It Time To Be Tough With Your Sales Team?

Do you have to be a human put-down machine to get things done? No! It's the take-charge, no-nonsense managers - who demand respect and get the best from their people, no matter the cost to the human ego - who ultimately have a positive effect on ...
Jan 14, 2021

Emotion Equals Motion Showing Enthusiasm For Your Product Can lead To Increased Sales

Recently, I sat in on the Dawson McAllister Live call-in advice show, listening to teenagers and young adults telling their stories and asking for help. I felt many emotions that Sunday night, and left the studio a different person than the one who walked ...
Jan 13, 2021

Leadership + Commitment = Power

it's appropriate to write an article that includes the ingredients that the most successful leaders demonstrate every day - Here's my list of the 10 components that make great leaders: 1) Slow to Hire, Quick to Fire:The top three things a manager ...
Jan 12, 2021

Checklist For Your Sales Department's Success

Central Oregon, a sportsman's paradise, is a great place to visit. Running a sales department here in Bend is highly competitive. After 40 hours of mid-year reviews, the sales manager, sales reps, and I have one more day of matching account-by-account ...
Jan 11, 2021

Sales Contests That Work

Look at almost any media property in the U.S., and you'll find two common types of sales contest. One of them is an overall staff contest, wherein the entire sales team hits a certain monetary quota for a specific quarter or a month and collectively ...
Jan 8, 2021

You Can't Coach Your Team From Behind Your Desk

Inventory management, motivation, hiring, account management, in-field coaching - these are just a few of the job functions of today's sales manager.Which is most critical for the sales manager to master? Without question, it's in-field coaching.This ...
Jan 7, 2021

Recognition Doesn't have to be Humiliating

I have received many e-mails from managers across the country to say that putting up the "leader board" in the sales bullpen is rather harsh and condescending. My response? Don't forget that we are in sales, and as managers,we're not ...
Jan 6, 2021

How will you rally your Troops in the year ahead

One degree makes a big difference. Water is hot at 211 degrees. But at 212 degrees it boils, and boiling water generates steam, and that steam can power a locomotive. A few weeks ago, I sent a 3 1/2- minute movie that plays off of this theme to the sales ...
Jan 5, 2021

4 Stages of the Buyer Awareness Cycle

The 4 Stages of The BAC / Pre-Purchase Experience Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Prospect Goal Become Aware of Product / Service Get Familar with Product / Service Feel Relevant Connections to Product or Service Feel Confident in a few Choices / Businesses ...
Jan 4, 2021

Eraticate the "Toxic Fumes" In Your Office

During the past 20 months I have had the chance to experience the Grecian work environment. The Greeks are known for partying hard (see My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and working a balanced schedule. On my travels abroad, I hear many complaints from Europeans ...
Dec 31, 2020

Leadership Lessons From Alexander The Great

During a recent European trip, I noticed that the influence of Alexander the Great is still felt this day in Europe and Asia - some 2400 years after his death. There's been a resurgence of interest in Alexander because of the new film Alexander. ...
Dec 30, 2020

If the 4 Ps don't Add Up --- Take a Hike!

It's been approximately 40 years since marketing professor (and subsequent guru) Dr. Philip Kotler conceptualized the four Ps of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. When I work with sales reps, I stress that when advertising campaigns ...
Dec 29, 2020

Your Job Is To Make Your Boss Look Good

Your Number One job priority as a manager is to make your boss look good. Your boss' agenda always comes first. When I ask managers their most important job as a sales manager or general manager, the answer is always: "Take care of my customers, ...
Dec 29, 2020

Selling To An Egomaniac

Selling to someone with a massive ego can be one of the easiest sales to make. It can also be one of the hardest when a little mistake or infringement wrecks havoc with your chances of selling this person. The bigger the ego, the more fragile the psyche. ...
Dec 28, 2020

Check your Company's Fun Meter

The days are over when fear was a driving motivator. Fear might work for shortterm gain, but in the long run, fear drives people out the door. The new adage for today's corporate climate should be "focus follows fun." What can you do at ...
Dec 24, 2020

Dress For Success... Or Not!

A few years back, the "casual dress" fad went to such extremes that people came to work wearing jeans,T-shirts, and even "wife beaters." In my opinion, it was the worst thing that could happen to American business. What you wear around ...
Dec 23, 2020

Hey Manager Is your Door Really Open?

Most managers I know have an open-door policy - although I think it's more a philosophy than a policy. My observations have led me to believe there are more closed doors than open doors in the managers' wing of a building. As a day-to-day manager ...
Dec 22, 2020

Planning Your Weekly "One-On-One" Meetings

As a day-to-day sales manager, I loved 99 percent of my job: coaching, training, motivating and leading the troops. The one percent I hated was the Monday morning one-on-one meeting with each of the sales reps, in which we spent 30 minutes discussing ...
Dec 21, 2020

Every Staff Needs A Reality Check

Most managers will agree that the most important factor separating the mediocre sales rep from the superstar rep is the efficient (and effective) management of time. The second most important factor: the average sale - or the number of our stations or ...
Dec 18, 2020

Five Surefire Signs You're Failing as a Manager

You think you're running a tight ship? Here are five warning signs that can help you be more proactive in the way you manage your sales department. You must be open-minded, but the results could save you the experience of termination. 1) Staff Late ...
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