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Welcome to the Luce Performance Group

The Luce Performance Group is based out of Houston, Texas USA. LPG trains management and sales professionals in all forms of media including Internet, Radio, TV, and Print

Sean Luce has trained more than 50,000 sales people and managers in over 500 seminars worldwide. He is constantly in the field in every size market, training reps, and calling on business owners-a hands-on style that gives him a fresh and current perspective of what’s happening in today’s media world. He’s on the road 40-plus weeks a year taking the “Liquid Fire” message to help others achieve their goals.

Since 2000 he has traveled over 3 million miles, going wherever sales reps go-in the field and out on sales calls coaching, teaching and instructing. There’s no such thing to Sean as “sitting behind a desk.”

Sean has conducted seminars on sales and marketing on three continents and in all 50 United States, working with Fortune 500 companies, universities, television and radio stations, internet firms, newspapers and magazines, and the National Association of Broadcasters and the Radio Advertising Bureau.

Additionally, Sean is a contributing writer for various national publications in business, sales and sales management. He’s been featured in many of media’ top magazines, including Advertising Age, Promo magazine, and Radio Ink and many more. Sean helped develop the “Buyers Awareness Cycle,” which is used as a media industry standard. He’s also a avid student of martial arts and uses the connection between martial arts and sales in many of his seminars. 

The Luce Performance Group also features Mark Maier, Head Western Instructor, who heads up LPG's research and development division and is a great source for leading media trends and is a contributor to LPG blogs. Jon Morse, is LPG's Recruiting Coordinator and helps client groups hire outstanding sales professionals. Paul White is LPG's Head of Internet Technology.  Paul's helps our clients retool their websites to take advantage of social media, and search engines to help clients increase their traffic and revenues. George Luce is the President of Luce Performance Group since it's founding in 1999.
How to hire the right person for the right job.
Learn about how Luce Performance Group can help you profile your potential hires to ensure you hire the right people for the job.  Listen to the Radio Interview by Jon Morse

Radio Has Strong Presence In Vehicles

May 31, 2016

90% is a big number.  MediaPost reports the latest research showing over 90% of those in cars are listening to traditional AM/FM Radio... " According to Edison Research newly-released survey results, 9 in 10 commuters listen to traditional ...

Facebook Advertising Expanded

May 30, 2016

If you are looking for a new revenue stream,my suggestion would be to look at managing and planning campaigns for your clients on Facebook.  The analytics and targeting are fantastic especially if you have a client in multiple locations and markets. ...

All About Geeks

May 27, 2016

You know them.  You love them.  You may be one!  The Center For Media Research reports that Geeks are a desireable moniker with certain demographics... " According to a new study by Imgur with YPulse, being a “geek” is ...

Is Bigger Better? The Latest On Sweepstakes

May 26, 2016

I am a big proponant for Sweepstakes and Promotions that involve your core media and have certified through Second Street to sell, administer and plan those types of features.  Do you always have to go bigger to remain relevant with your audience? ...

Turn Your TV Commercials, Online Video & Product Videos Into A YouTube Channel

May 25, 2016

If your clients are running TV Commercials, Online Video, or have product video's supplied by their vendors or from your last Home and Garden Expo, why not start a YouTube Channel for their business so customers and prospects have another avenue ...
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