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The Luce Performance Group is based out of Houston, Texas USA. LPG trains management and sales professionals in all forms of media including Internet, Radio, TV, and Print
Sean Luce, LPG's Head International Instructor is a professional speaker and author. Sean has presented seminars for Fortune 500 companies, universities, broadcast groups and radio and TV broadcasting associations throughout the world.

Sean is a contributing writer for various national publications in business, sales, sales management and new business development. He has been featured in Advertising Age, Promo magazine, Radio Sales Today, Radio Ink, Radio & Records, Radio World and Ad week. He was the 1998 recipient of the “Sales Manager of the Year” awarded by Radio Ink magazine. His industry recognized “Luce's Laws” can be found hanging on walls of broadcast facilities and businesses across the country. His books, “Luce's Laws” and “Luce's Leadership Laws” are two of the fastest selling books in broadcast today. His program Body, Mind & Sales, which was released in conjunction with the Radio Advertising Bureau's Professional Development Series, relates directly to one of his most popular training and motivation seminars. 

Sean is now one of the most in-demand and talked about speakers in the world. His humorous approach to sales training makes learning fun (and - profitable!). Sean currently holds 8 blacks belts in martial arts and frequently incorporates the parallels of martial arts, sales training and reaching your peak performance into his speaking presentations.
The Luce Performance Group also features Mark Maier, Head Western Instructor, who heads up LPG's research and development division and is a great source for leading media trends and is a contributor to LPG blogs. Jon Morse, is LPG's Recruiting Coordinator and helps client groups hire outstanding sales professionals. Paul White is LPG's Head of Internet Technology.  Paul's helps our clients retool their websites to take advantage of social media, and search engines to help clients increase their traffic and revenues. George Luce is the President of Luce Performance Group since it's founding in 1999.
Sean's new seminar, "The Perfect Storm-Maximizing Your Air Force and Ground Force Marketing" is now one of the leading seminars in the advertising and marketing speaking circuit.

How to hire the right person for the right job.
Learn about how Luce Performance Group can help you profile your potential hires to ensure you hire the right people for the job.  Listen to the Radio Interview by Jon Morse

Sponsored Content Hitting The Wall

Sep 2, 2014

The first research I have seen on Sponsored ad content  verses normal content is available from the Center For Media Research... " According to a new study by Contently, when the CEO of Chartbeat revealed that only 24% of readers were scrolling ...

Digital Become The Traditional Delivery Channel

Aug 29, 2014

Funny how things change, Digital channels like Mobile or the Internet are helping "Traditional Media" deliver the message through a "new" channel... " American new-car owners are still with traditional media, but what they are ...

Driving Viewability

Aug 28, 2014

Every now and again you read an article and the statement made makes you think "Duh? Everyone knows that!" and the latest research from TubeMogul gave me one of those moments... " " Viewability matters when it comes to digital advertising ...

Going Around The Agency

Aug 27, 2014

Online Publishing Insider posted an article from 2012 about developing a relationship with clients regardless of whether or not they are represented by an agency.  It is a touchy subject as each media property seems to have a different policy in ...

The Enemy In The Shadows

Aug 26, 2014

That was the message at the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters summer convention in Murfreesboro/Nashville, Tennessee a few weeks ago. During the convention, my company rolled out a full-day of the Liquid Fire Double Oh! 7 seminar. We started out ...
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