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KCAL-KOLA 2012 ChallengeKCAL-KOLA 2012 ChallengeKCAL-KOLA 2012 ChallengeRobert Topping, putting the topping on the Challenge.Jeff Parke awarding the Silver Medals to Team Supreme at the KCAL KOLA 2012 Challenge.Team Event at KCAL KOLA 2012 Challenge. Beer PongKCAL-KOLA 2012 ChallengeKCAL-KOLA 2012 Challenge
KCAL KOLA 2012 Challenge. Team T.W.S.S. on the bus ride to the Challenge. They were the Gold Medal winners!KCAL-KOLA 2012 ChallengeKCAL KOLA 2012 Challenge. Team Supreme presenting their Pizza.

KCAL-KOLA 2012 Challenge

Aug 1, 2012 by Sean Luce

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