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The following Articles were either written by LPG staff, or reposted by LPG staff with credit given to the original author.  Some are Editorials in which we share our opinions on the industry. Others were written from our knowledge of working in the field for years.  Finally we have research from LPG and or third parties. 

Jul 29, 2021

Luce's Top 10 Tips For Public Speaking

How we speak and act can have a great impact on our leadership style. Your voice is the church bell of your intellect. How you speak when training your sales staff or speaking in public is vital when it comes to leadership. I've been asked many times ...
Jul 28, 2021

Every King Has Their Fool

Have you heard of the fool in the Middle Ages? The fool was basically a cultural presupposition: every king back then had their fool. In the kingdom, the fool was the only one allowed to make fun of the king. One day in this particular scenario, the ...
Jul 27, 2021

What Can Your Sales Reps Expect From You - Sales Manager?

Do your sales reps know what they can expect from you, their sales manager? Expectation is a two-way street. We are talking about you leading the way. It's one thing to demand something from your people, it's another thing to let them know what ...
Jul 26, 2021

Building An Exceptional Sales Force

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse. -- Walt Disney One of the most important tools that the management teams I've worked with have used to build exceptional sales forces by valuing and ...
Jul 23, 2021

Managing "The Sweet Spot"

A rule of thumb as a sales manager is you should know, within about 90 days of hiring a sales rep, if they’re going to work out for you. The exact timeframe varies depending on their sales experience, or their lack thereof. My belief is that with ...
Jul 22, 2021

Believe In Yourself

Yes, you can do many things with your cell phone -- one of them is put a picture of an affirmation or of yourself on your home screen. “The people you’re around – the successful people you’re around – people that will help ...
Jul 21, 2021

What I've Learned Consulting Local Internet Sales

Like any other medium, content is king on the Web. You can have the greatest Website in the world, but if you can’t sell it, not much is going to happen except you lose money and maybe take the 10-year wedding march to some unknown destination. ...
Jul 20, 2021

Basics Of Good Proposals And Presentations

Whatever you do in your proposals and the delivery of your presentations, love giving them . Enthusiasms sells, and remember: 80 percent of what the prospect buys (in local media sales) is the faith and trust they have in you , the sales rep, to deliver ...
Jul 19, 2021

The Way

You’ll have to be in a real quiet place to understand this article. And you’ll have to switch your mindset to “Eastern thought” to understand the book I mention below. You might not understand it at all, and that’s fine ...
Jul 16, 2021

You Need To Get A Bible

In my first experience in media sales, selling radio, I was hired at the same time as four other people. It’s what’s commonly known as a “cattle call.” In this case, you throw five rookies up against the wall (unbeknownst to me) ...
Jul 15, 2021

Hiring With No Stone Unturned

One of the toughest things to do as a sales manager is fire someone. That makes hiring the right people the most critical aspect of sales management. If you don’t hire the right people, then you will have a lot of stress in your management life. ...
Jul 14, 2021

The Pressure To Reach Your Greatness

Have you ever heard someone say, or maybe even you have made the comment, “I’m stressed out.” Or, “There’s a lot of pressure to get that sale.” Is stress and pressure really real? We all go through tough cycles in ...
Jul 13, 2021

How Do You Stay Motivated?

A reader sent over a message this week and asked: How can I stay motivated? Not easy. Running 100 miles per hour every day is tough at your job. We all need to find some balance in life. Maybe you have been in sales all of your career and sometimes you ...
Jul 12, 2021

Do What You Fear

Doing what you fear is easier said than done, I promise you. How many of us really take on the thing we fear the most and conquer it or continually challenge it until we overcome that fear? The sales profession has a graveyard of people who couldn’t ...
Jul 9, 2021

Your Time Management Checklist

Here is a quick check on how you manage your time. It was prepared from ideas collected from many salespeople who realize the importance of good time management. It’s made up of “yes” or “no” statements. Review each “no” ...
Jul 8, 2021

Luce's Top 40 List For Sales Success

Just in case you forget -- and we forget about 99 percent of what we encounter daily -- here are my Top 40 Points for Sales Success, which I believe can lead to selling more every day. They are not easy to follow, and I have struggled with them many ...
Jul 7, 2021

Is Selling The Internet Really Hard

During one of my recent seminars for business owners, called "The Shift -- How Online Advertising Can Strengthen Your Media Mix," I pointed out that since 2007-2008, how ad dollars are allocated has been changing, with the Internet grabbing ...
Jul 6, 2021

Observations From The Road

I have noticed some common threads in my travels, and I wanted to share some of those observations. 1. Referrals. Why won't media reps ask for referrals? I cannot figure it out. Media reps know that they should be asking for them, but they just will ...
Jul 2, 2021

Make Your Advertising "Rise" Above The Clutter

According to research from "Advertising Age" magazine, a typical consumer encounters between 254 and 5,000 advertising messages per day in one form or another. That number includes signage on cars, t-shirts, radio, TV, newspapers, and so on. ...
Jul 1, 2021

Recognizing Your Superior Performers

At Luce Performance Group, we continue to give out awards that recognize top performances in several categories from the various media companies that we consult. I remember one night when we gave out our awards tied to the Radio Advertising Bureau's ...
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