You Would Rather Do What Than Give Up Social Media?

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Aug 24, 2012 by Mark Maier

The Center for Media Research posted some recent stats on Social Media and it's importance in our society...

"Not only are consumers afraid that theyre missing out if they go too long between log-ins, but the younger generation often checks in with their friends and followers online before theyve even rubbed the sleep from their eyes, says the report. More than half of social media multi-taskers want a solution to help them manage their online overload.     

62% of online adults who are members of more than one social networking site say they keep an eye on their social networks because they dont want to miss news, an important event or status update:

Many social media users, including more than half of Gen Y, would prefer to undergo an arduous task than be forced to delete their social media accounts. Nearly 40% of people surveyed would rather do ANY of the following than give up their social networking profiles:

And 54% of 18-34-year-old social media users would undertake one of the undesirable activities before giving up their social media profiles, says the report. 

Though Facebook is known to be the most popular social network worldwide, it does not top social media users lists when it comes to being the primary social profile they turn to for consuming or sharing content, or even a mix of both:

Tinsley concludes that ... while everyone knows different social networks serve different purposes, the way people are using sites to consume or share content doesnt fall in line with what we might expect...


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