Setting Phone Appointments

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Sep 21, 2022 by Sean Luce

Setting up appointments on the phone is all about confidence!

Here are the important points to remember when using the phone, no matter which appointment you're trying to set up. Remember, when setting up an in-person appointment, it’s about getting the appointment, not selling your company or the continuous overcoming of objections. Are you going to get blown off the phone sometimes? Yes. That’s means you’re just one step closer to getting the next appointment.

Always keep these tips in mind:

1. Stand up when on the phone. Sometimes, sitting down can cut off lung capacity and project a lazy voice on the phone. Sometimes you will be in a car or elsewhere where you can’t stand up. In that case, sit up. Your voice inflection means everything. If you're excited, then you will project that excitement. A new rep was recently calling on a restaurant owner who owns this line: “Sales is a transformation of enthusiasm and getting people in a comfortable place.” That’s it…same as on the phone it’s that transference of your enthusiasm for you and your product that is going to get the appointment. Stand up or sit up. Project your enthusiasm.

2. The worst thing that can happen to you on the phone? They call you a name and hang up. They can’t shoot you on the phone.

3. Rejections. Unfortunately, the automatic response of mankind to any new suggestions, change, request, or idea is “no.” The vast majority of rejections you receive have nothing to do with you, your company, or the service you provide. Once you are able to depersonalize the rejection process, you free yourself to make more productive calls and:

·         Calculate your closing ratio.

·         Figure the best prospect-calling times.

·         Arrange for some privacy.

·         Clean your desk and concentrate -- and/or organize your car so your prospect lists and CMP folders are in front of you to take notes.

·         Set aside prescribed times for phone prospecting.

·         Make sure you put in your appointment times so you don’t forget.

Here are some Do’s

1.      Get to the point

2.      Ask questions

3.      Compliment the competition

4.      Talk with them

5.      Talk about them

6.      Visualize the listener

7.      Control your emotions

8.      Thank them

Here are some Don’ts

1.      Ramble

2.      Assume the answer

3.      Argue

4.      Knock the competition

5.      Talk at them

6.      Talk about yourself (except with your credibility statement)

7.      Daydream

8.      Slouch in your seat

9.      React to their negative emotions

10.  Hang up first.

Make sure you then send a handwritten thank you or confirmation note if the appointment is three days or more and you are using the post.

If you follow these tips, you will easily surpass 95 percent of all professional sales reps in effective use of the phone.

If you’re having a bad day…stay off the phone. Get on the phone when you’re feeling awesome!

Sean Luce is the Head National Instructor for the Luce Performance Group International and can be reached at or His new book The Liquid Fire can be found on 

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