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Aug 31, 2012 by Mark Maier

New article from MediaPost about how time spent with a brand increased 49% with Interactive Video Pre-Rolls.  I can believe it, especially after reading what the Interactive elements are...

"If the Interactive Advertising Bureau has its way, then the majority of video ads on the Web will include interactive features in a few years. But how effective is interactivity in a pre-roll spot?

Online ad platform Jivox studied more than 250 campaigns delivered using its interactive technology for the last two years across sectors including auto, entertainment, consumer products, retail and others. The conclusion is that interactivity can boost interaction by 49% for ads watched all the way through.

Okay, lets get the usual disclaimers out of the way. Yes, Jivox has a stake in promoting interactive features in its ads -- thats its business. And yes, it stands to reason that interactive features should boost time spent or they wouldnt exist. Even so, this is a promising stat for an online video business thats always looking for an edge over TV, and it underscores another way that the business can continue to grow, whether through interactivity, better data, or simply better ROI.

Jivox found that of the viewers who watched an interactive video ad to completion, they spent an additional 49% of time interacting with the brand versus with standard pre-rolls. That additional time consists of interactive options such as sharing it or liking it on Facebook or Twitter, as well as custom interactions tailored for the campaign, such as clicking to watch more videos, linking to schedules for movies or shows, jumping to white papers or online quizzes in the tech sector, and looking up store or dealer locations and photo galleries for automakers. The entertainment category saw the highest brand engagement lift with a 60% boost in time, while the financial category was lowest at 30%, Jivox said.

Retail is a category that would benefit from interactivity with links to sales and buying. But in a related finding, ad management platform Vindico said that in the fourth quarter -- the biggest season for retail -- only 27% of the online video ad inventory capable of running interactive spots was used by retailers to do so."

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/179948/interactive-pre-rolls-boost-time-spent-by-49.html?edition=49639#ixzz22KViXztmRelated Categories
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