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New Research on Digital Dominance in Auto Advertising

Nov 21, 2014

The Center For Media Research recently posted an obituary of research on the change taking place in the Automotive advertising catagory and it did not bode well for traditional media... " If any single ad category were responsible for reshaping the ...

HyperLocal News Site Case Study

Nov 20, 2014

We have mentioned several times that Luce Performance Group consults the highest dollar per capita website in North America, and in Kelowna, British Columbia.  For a market of 150,000 they do very will with revenues over ...

Radio Is It For An Agency Called Hyperbolic Creative

Nov 19, 2014

You ever heard of an advertising agency that only presents Radio to it's clients?  Integrated is the buzzword but at Hyperbolic Creative it is just Radio... " The average American listens to 14 hours of radio each week and 93% of listeners ...

Reaching The Digital Citizen

Nov 18, 2014

Are you just visiting the digital realm or do you consider yourself a citizen?  New research posted by MediaPost's Engage:Teens gives us a great definition of the true "Digital Citizen"... " It’s a well-known fact that today’s ...

Value Versus Price - Good story next time you get hammered on price

Nov 17, 2014

Do you sell your media like a commodity or do you sell the value and results your customer will get from using your product? The next time you get whacked over the head by a media buyer/prospect hammering you on price-cost per point-cost per thousand, ...

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