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3 Gems From The Vans Warped Tour And Millennials

Apr 17, 2015

Kevin Lyman is an expert on marketing to Millennials, he has experience of 20 years of putting on the Vans Warped Tour and shares the following 3 gems... " A brand must show utility. The brands that sign onto Lyman's concerts aren't just ...

3 Ways To Increase Viewability

Apr 16, 2015

From MediaPost, here is the suggestions to quit wasting ad spend... " While advances in digital ad targeting through personalized messages have improved ROI, and accurate attribution of clicks and conversions across devices has helped ROI measurement, ...

Digital Ads Days As We Know Them Are Numbered

Apr 15, 2015

MediaPost reports that the success of digitial advertising in the future will depend on creativity and how the industry can integrate content.... " But when we ask young consumers which type of advertising they usually ignore or avoid, 62% say ...

Viewership Changes

Apr 14, 2015

MediaPost reports that the average age of a Broadcast TV viewer is 57.  Does that change what your clients look to for their core advertising?... " The three major broadcast networks continue to see a rising median age of their prime-time viewers ...

The Cost To Run With The Big Dogs

Apr 13, 2015

Knowing what competetive media rates are is something we do almost instinctively in the Sales profession but I was surprised by a few of the latest rates reported in Ad Age... "W hat It Costs will live on as an ever-expanding weekly feature in Ad ...

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