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Celebrity Voices May Or May Not Be The Way To Go

Feb 8, 2016

With the Super Bowl, experts at MediaPost report that commercials with celebrity voices may not be as effective than those with unknown voice talent... " The dubious idea that celebrity endorsers can move product gets even shakier when it comes to ...

Ad Or Entertainment

Feb 5, 2016

Will you view your favorite Super Bowl ad from this weekend an advertisement or entertainment?  Good question, huh?  Here is what researchers are reporting in MediaPost as we prepare for Sunday's big game.... Overall, TV viewers still see ...

No Buyers Remorse For Auto Ad Buyers In This Weekend's Super Bowl

Feb 4, 2016

Spend $5,000,000,000.00 on :30 seconds and quantify the ROI on it to your bosses and shareholders.  That would be an interesting conversation and presentation but MediaPost reports that the power of the audience is not that hard to comprehend... ...

3 Things That Successful Super Bowl Ads Will Have This Weekend

Feb 3, 2016

You will all pick your personal favorite or be influenced by those you associate with, but the Super Bowl ads will be the buzz Sunday and next week.  MediaPost reports that those that "win" the hearts and minds of viewers have 3 things ...

A New Offering If You Are Managing Your Client's Facebook Campaigns

Feb 2, 2016

A lot of media properties are finding success by executing Boosted Posts, Events and now Lead Generation Mobile Ads as an "Agency" model.  That means you have been added to your client's Facebook business page as an administrator and ...

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