Why A Mobile Presence And Online Reputation Are Important

Jan 9, 2019 by Mark Maier

The Center For Media Research posted survey information from consumers over the Holidays that searched "near me" style of content for restuarants and stores and uncovered some interesting facts like nearly 30% of consumers left a review...


  • Between US and UK shoppers, ‘near me’ searches were more prevalent in the US. Over the holidays, 83% of US shoppers have searched ‘near me’ while 75% did so in the UK.
  • Founder & Co-CEO of Uberall, Florian Huebner, says that “Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to research places before they shop and are prioritizing proximity when doing so. Marketers must leverage a search strategy that lures shoppers who may not be directly seeking them out and are, instead, looking for the same category near their location.”
  • The study found that nearly 30% of shoppers have left a review of a brick-and-mortar store across sites such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, Foursquare, Instagram and more during the holiday season. Meanwhile, 71% of respondents have not

The study goes on to say:

  • 71% of respondents said they were likely to conduct a ‘near me’ search for the nearest restaurant (quick-service or fast-food) while out holiday shopping.
  • Just 15% said they were unlikely to do a ‘near me’ search, and 14% were unsure.
  • When asked how likely a shopper was to conduct a ‘near me’ search for the nearest bank or ATM while holiday shopping, 51% said they were likely, while 34% were unlikely and 16% said they weren’t sure, says the report.   

When asked how shoppers use their smartphones to help them shop during the holiday season, the top 5 responses globally were:

  • Compare prices (80%),
  • buy directly from the device (79%),
  • research products (72%),
  • check for store hours (71%)
  • and search for coupons and deals (65%).

Mobile is the key to the holiday shopping season, concludes Huebner. From ‘near me’ for brick-and-mortar to comparing prices, shoppers this time of year will rely heavily on their mobile devices to make their shopping experience easier."