Turning Content into Traffic

Sep 11, 2019 by Paul White

From Paul White, LPG Systems Administrator

Even though many are pushing RSS news feeds as a source of content, I advise you to not take this approach. Most news feeds are not for commercial use.  They can only be used on non profit, or personal websites.  This means if you have a website and run some RSS feeds, you legally can't advertise on the pages that display information from these feeds.  There are subscription based RSS feeds, but they are very expensive. 

What I recommend is to focus on creating your own unique content. Get a few authors who will write on various topics. Then set a schedule for updates.  If possible a new article should be posted every day.  There are blogs that have over 20 new articles posted every day, and the articles are being posted around the clock.  Initially when you do this, you aren't going to see a huge spike in traffic.  But if you are consistent, in the end it will pay off.  This is what seperates websites that do well and websites that fail.  Some websites will spend thousands on advertising, rather than invest thousands into their website's content. 

Website content is a long term investment.  When you post an article, you will get the initial serge of traffic from your loyal readers,  but unless you run a high volume website, it will take you months if not years to regain the costs of the content.  With time traffic will compile.  Its similar to putting $1000 into a mutual fund. Initially you are out $1000 bucks.  But over time letting your mutual funds reinvest their dividends, and capital gains will yield you a higher return.

Just to prove my point here is the LPG stats for 2008

LPG website traffic growth 2008

We are not a high traffic website as you can see. but we have maintained consistent growth since we redesigned our website and set a schedule for adding new content.  November was looking even better, with an target of over 2000 Unique visitors for the month. 

Its important that when you add new content you don't look for immediate traffic.  The age of your content will also play a factor in determining its importance to search engines.  When you post a new article its like a bottle of fine wine.  The longer you let it sit the more its worth.  In my experience website articles reach maturity between 3 and 6 months.  Websites that rank higher on google will get mature faster than sites that rank low.

Another important aspect of articles is building your back links.  After you have posted your new content try to find other sites and or blogs that are in the same niche market.  Posting comments on blogs is a great way of driving up the rank of your pages.  Just make sure you put the full URL to your website's article in your comment post.

If you are adding content on a consistent schedule, and you aren't noticing an slow by steady increase in traffic then either your content is not interesting to people, or your website is not Optimized for Search ( SEO ).  Search Engine Optimization is a very important factor in every website's success.