The Cost Of A Bad Hire

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The Cost Of A Bad Hire

Jul 18, 2019 by Jon Morse

What does it cost you if you fail to screen out the poor performer or the non-performer?  We try to bury this hard cold fact every time we look for a new employee.  Our wonderful optimism takes hold and we say to ourselves:  “This time it will be different.”  Yet, we continue to use the same process don’t we?
First we either like or dislike their looks, their tone of voice, their smile, their sense of humor, their experience, their education or who they know.  So why doesn’t it work?
Let’s face it, every time you use the same processes and make a bad decision, it costs you real money.  First, your hiring time, onboarding time, training time and let’s see…. Oh yes, you are paying them for all of this TIME.  We all know time is money, but we just forget when we are trying to pull this new individual on board.  Some say it costs a minimum of $10,000 while SHRM says it can cost the equivalent of one year’s pay. 
I’d say it costs even more with these hidden costs we often fail to admit. 
·         Consider what the impact is on your other customers. 
·         Consider yours and other’s time lost. 
·         Consider the emotional drain it has on you and your other team members.
·         Consider all of those missed sales
LPG has the answer.  Change the process and use state of the art tools to break this sad and costly habit.
Ask Sean or Jon Morse 210-286-7041

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