Buyers Awareness Cycle Top 40

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Buyers Awareness Cycle Top 40

Sep 28, 2018 by Sean Luce

Ever want to know how long it takes a person to consider a product or service for purchase?  Consumers were interviewed by Prophet Research as they completed purchases at each of these verticals and identified how long the Buyers Awareness Cycle was on their experience.  The average time by vertical is listed below.  It is important to remember that buyers enter and exit the Buyers Awareness Cycle each day which reinforces to need to constantly market to reach new consumers in the cycle.

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's)3.0
Appliances (Over $500)4.0
Auto New Domestic3.2
Auto New Foreign3.8
Auto Used Domestic2.6
Auto Used Foreign3.5
Bedding (New Mattresses)2.0
Billiard Tables6.5
Boats (14 +)8.5
Camera/Video Equipment (Major Purchases)2.6
Car Accessories (Over $300)4.6
Cell Phones/Service2.2
Exercise Equipment (Over $500)9.6
Floor Covering (Not Remnants)6.2
Furniture (Over $500)3.9
Homes - Existing20.0
Homes - New21.0
Jewelry (Over $500)5.6
Joining Health Club4.4
Landscaping (Over $500)3.4
Luggage/Baggage (Over $350)6.7
Martial Arts/Yoga Classes3.6
Men's Clothing & Accessories (Over $500)1.6
Motorcycles - Harley Davidson8.8
Motorcycles - Other than Harley Davidson6.4
Musical Instruments (Over $500)3.2
Pets (Cats/Dogs/Exotic)3.9
RV's & Campers17.7
Stereo Equipment (Over $350)3.3
Swimming Pools9.6
Teeth Whitening4.6
Water Bikes (Wave Runners, Etc.)2.7
Women?s Clothing & Accessories (Over $350).8

BAC stands for Buyers Awareness Cycle or the pre-purchase experience. The definition of the BAC and PPE is the collection of brand touch-points and processes that significantly influence whether a prospect will place your brand into his or her final purchase consideration set on the way to making the actual purchase. This is the time that the consumer is thinking about making the purchase (thought mode), or when the switch goes off in the consumers head before they actually walk into the showroom or make the call for the service or product listed. The BAC does not take into consideration once they get in the store to actually purchase the product or sign up for the service. All figures are based on averages and will vary depending on the seasonality of the business and location of store/business in North America. These are North American statistics only. 

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June 25, 2008 11:13 PM
I was impressed by how accurate these values were for my own choices. There should be another category for Hybrid cars. With Gas prices going up I am willing to bet the BAC would be much lower than used or new cars.

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