3 Great Sales Meeting Ideas!

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3 Great Sales Meeting Ideas!

Oct 2, 2018 by Sean Luce

Here are three sales meeting ideas that'll jazz up your meetings and pump up your team.

1) I'll Build On That: Objective is to have your AEs see where the holes might be in their Customer Needs Analysis. Have AEs bring their first-call database (consultant sell form) from their factfinding call. Each round begins by having a volunteer tell the group about this account. Then the other reps ask questions that the volunteer rep might have failed to ask on the first call. From those questions, build the criteria of other information we could have gleaned from that first call. Demonstrate how to probe with open-ended and closed-ended questions; get to the problem instead of just asking questions. Remember: Closing happens on the first call in direct proportion to the information we extrapolate.

2) Jeopardy: Objective is to reinforce past salesmeeting points or to emphasize information retention. Choose five main topics, i.e., Closing, Playlist etc. and list vertically on a board five questions under each topic, assigning 10 points to easy questions; 50 points to harder ones. Your first rep contestant answers until he or she is wrong; then the next rep picks a category and point value. The rep with the most points at the end of the contest receives a night on the town. Entertainment is education, and education is entertainment.

3) Street Beat: Objective is to illustrate the need to be up to date on trends that can impact our business and industry. Distribute copies of The Wall Street Journal or USA Today to reps. Separate reps into groups of two. Assign each group one category: International News, Business News, Marketing News, Terrorist News or Stock Market. In 15 minutes, each group must find three news items that could impact your stations, industry or any customers.Discuss what the group will do with this information, especially how it will affect sales opportunities.

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