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Location Verses Audience Targeting

Apr 1, 2015

New research points to the fact that one does not supercede the other and you need both to be effective in your marketing plan according to MediaPost... " A shopper with a smartphone in hand isn’t necessarily a viable prospect, regardless of ...

Mobile Ads Focus on Effectiveness

Mar 31, 2015

How do you measure the impact of Mobile advertising? MediaPost reports that views are chaning, 13% now say they would agree to recieve ads on their device compared to lower numbers several years ago, and the type of advertising has also evolved... "Sharethrough ...

Facebook Outpaces Google For Display Revenue

Mar 30, 2015

MediaPost reported this week that Facebook actually overtook Google in display advertising revenue, a big shift in where dollars are being spent... " Google takes the No. 2 position in digital display advertising revenue behind Facebook, with its ...

The Shift From Selling Eyeballs To Actual Sales Outcomes

Mar 27, 2015

Interesting to read articles about the advertising world trying to connect what they spend on an ad to what the cash register actually rings.  At Luce Performance Group properties we have been working with our clients for years focussed on Return ...

Predictions About Radio's Dominance In The Car

Mar 26, 2015

All Access reported last week on the New York Post authoring a startling prediction saying that " Video didn’t kill the radio star, but SIRIUSXM and streaming services like PANDORA are taking it apart piece by piece. Terrestrial radio, after ...

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