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When Is The Right Time To Administer An Assessment Test To A New Hire?

May 4, 2015

Great question! What do you think?  Wouldn’t you rather know what the person is really like (their strengths and weaknesses) before you make them an offer? Perhaps you wouldn’t even make that offer and thereby save yourself time, headaches ...

Mobile Spend Increasing

May 1, 2015

MediaPost reports that Mobile ad dollars are on the upswing, no surprise but at the rate they are going they will hit $18.2 Billion in 2019... " This category will ramp up to hit $18.2 billion in 2019, representing a 28.9% compound annual growth ...

Loyalty Programs Are Increasingly Important

Apr 30, 2015

More and more consumers are motivated by loyalty programs than ever before, according to the 2015 Bond Brand Loyalty Report. Bond Brand Loyalty’s fifth annual study shows consumers overwhelmingly agree that loyalty programs are worth the effort. ...

The Difference Between Smart and Dumb Impressions

Apr 29, 2015

Radio Sales Today reports there are some stark differences between impressions delivered... " A dumb impression is an impression delivered to a broad audience. A smart impression has some kind of overlay: demographics, psychographics, consumer habits... ...

3 Digital Ad Do's

Apr 28, 2015

MediaPost reports that there are some quick best-practices that will instantly improve your creative quality... " What's the difference between a good and great ad? How do you connect with users, but also make sure to drive people to your ...

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