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The Argument For Viewability

Feb 12, 2016

In the Online ad world, I thought this was common sense but definitions get grey and language becomes fuzzy when you are paying for impressions and the ad fraud that has occured needs addressed.  MediaPost says that there will be some dramatic changes ...

Where Marketing Budgets Will Be Up In 2016

Feb 11, 2016

It is always interesting to see how our clients and marketers divide up their marketing dollars, I think some people are afraid to ask their clients and that is a big mistake because there may be money hiding in that answer.  The Center For Media ...

Cross Channel Success For Super Bowl Ads, Creativity Failure For Others

Feb 10, 2016

A lot has been written this week about the "best" Super Bowl ads, I have my favorites and I am sure you have yours.  But what performed well not only on TV but on Digital Channels before, during, and after the big game?  MediaPost ...

The Push And Pull Between Mobile Versus Brick And Mortar

Feb 9, 2016

Where are your client's customers doing their buying research?  How are they checking reviews or pricing?  Where are they ultimately making the purchase?  All great questions that need answers especially as mobile device usage is up, ...

Celebrity Voices May Or May Not Be The Way To Go

Feb 8, 2016

With the Super Bowl, experts at MediaPost report that commercials with celebrity voices may not be as effective than those with unknown voice talent... " The dubious idea that celebrity endorsers can move product gets even shakier when it comes to ...

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