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In Store Sales Driven By Digital and Mobile Advertising

Oct 13, 2015

The Center For Media Research reports that new data suggests that Digital and Mobile advertising are having a great impact on sales in stores... "According to new research  from Cofactor with Altimeter,  From Web Traffic to Foot Traffic,  ...

The 4 Corners Offense Doesn't Work Anymore

Oct 12, 2015

Consultant Tracy Johnson recently posted 8 tips to play to win in Radio, definately words to learn lessons by... " It doesn’t matter how how much time you spend massaging the music log. But yes, investing resources on music flow are important. ...

The Digital Turning Point

Oct 9, 2015

Ad Blocking.  It has sent the digital marketplace on it's heals...kind of a "Napster" moment is what MediaPost called it.  Now the IAB is trying to help with anti-adblocking measures.  So where could this go?... " Just ...

Radio Reporting Higher ROI

Oct 8, 2015

When it comes to Return On Investment, traditional media is fighting it out with it's digital counterparts for the best return. So, how is Radio doing in that mix?... " Radio drives sales. That was the definitive message of the “Radio and ...

Uber As A Source For Marketing Knowledge

Oct 7, 2015

Amazing sometimes where you can find marketing principles displayed, LinkedIn posted an article about lessons to be learned from Uber and it has some tasty findings... " Today, we’re bombarded by requests for attention on every device imaginable, ...

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