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How Much TV Inventory Will Programmatic Really Take?

Aug 20, 2014

Recent Audience Buying Insider post brings to question changes taking place through the new buzzwords and how long change will take to happen... " When a phrase like “programmatic advertising” takes hold — just as “the Internet” ...

Brands Last Longer Than A LIfetime

Aug 18, 2014

If a client of yours closed their doors tomorrow, how long would it take for consumers to forget them?  I can remember stores that are no longer in business from my childhood home town, I don't remember the advertising they used but I  remember ...

The Call To Kill "Traditional" Media

Aug 15, 2014

Read a post titled "Let's Kill Off "Traditional Media" Once And For All" from the Marketing:Health blog and the point it made quite eloquently was that it doesn't matter what media we use as long as it works... " Working ...

Metrics Part 4 - Time Plus Audience Share Could Become The New Metric

Aug 14, 2014

Another great article on Media Metrics states that Cost Per Thousand may loose it's domination to a metric related to time and share of audience... " There's something in the air and if you want to know what it is, take a look at Biz Stone ...

Metrics Part 3 - The Audience Rating Point

Aug 13, 2014

We have looked at updated metrics over the last couple of posts and an article from Mediapost brings to light a new way to help measure in the digital landscape... " The gossip is true. The mother of all media measurement, the Gross Rating Point, ...

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