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When To Reach Shoppers When They Are Shopping

Jan 30, 2015

eMarketer gives us some great insight into what days are key for certain campaigns but who would have thought Sunday was a great day for Mobile advertising... " The study showed that while desktop traffic to ecommerce sites peaked on Mondays, remaining ...

Are Social Campaigns Hype or Do They Provide Return On Investment

Jan 29, 2015

Social Media can be a real mixed bag when you try to assign metrics to determine a Return On Investment.  I think it also requires a different head space where your perspective changes from rings on the cash register to "likes"... " ...

Make Sure Your E-Mail Campaign Is Mobile Ready

Jan 28, 2015

Have you ever opened an e-mail on your phone only to get what looks like a foreign film and language?  The Center For Media Research provides research on e-mail open rates and what a Mobile enabled integrated marketing plan can do for a client's ...

Is It TV Or Video Advertising?

Jan 27, 2015

A recent MediaPost article says "It's Time To Face Some Advertising Truths" and the target seems to be TV Advertising but the article points out some interesting perspectives... " I’m talking about digital ad spend versus TV ad ...

Even In Posts, Timing Is Everything

Jan 26, 2015

Old adage that still rings true today even in the Social Media world according to the latest research from The Center For Media Research... " According to new data from Fannit Marketing Services about the best times to post on social media, one should ...

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